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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest initiative: Oddup Ventures on AngelList. These endeavors have been meticulously crafted to uncover transformative companies using our unparalleled access to comprehensive data and cutting-edge analytics, employing proprietary data metrics and providing detailed, easy-to-understand actionable insights reports on various startups, locations, and industries. Our dedicated team of data scientists and analysts meticulously collect, segregate, and apply algorithmic approaches to project these data points as insightful metrics. Over the last decade, we've invested heavily in refining our algorithms, leveraging almost 40 years of collective sectoral knowledge to create an insight-driven platform and service. With Oddup Ventures, investors gain unprecedented access to transformative opportunities, backed by data-driven intelligence and expert analysis, providing angel investors with access to ventures they may not have otherwise encountered.

Key Features and Benefits of Oddup Ventures

Exclusive Access to High-Quality Opportunities

Oddup Ventures offer accredited investors exclusive access to a curated selection of investment opportunities sourced from our extensive network. Each opportunity is thoroughly vetted by our seasoned team, ensuring quality and potential for growth.


Traditionally, our most promising deals were reserved for institutional investors deploying significant capital. However, through Oddup Ventures, accredited angel investors can participate in backing companies with as little as $1,000, facilitating diversification across their investment portfolio.

Insights into Emerging Technology

By joining Oddup Ventures, investors gain access to ongoing insights from the Oddup team. This includes in-depth due diligence reports on emerging technologies and companies poised to make an impact in Asia and beyond, providing valuable intelligence for informed investment decisions.


Game-Changing Success Stories

Oddup's portfolio investments are either made directly, or through our network

What you Get - Skin in the Game

Oddup Ventures will be making a substantial investment, with a commitment of at least 3% of the total capital. This significant stake not only showcases Oddup's deep belief in the fund's potential for success but also reinforces alignment with the interests of other investors. By investing in the fund, Oddup not only contributes to its financial robustness but also signals a commitment to its long-term growth and prosperity. This level of hands-on involvement from the team adds a layer of confidence and credibility to the fund's investment strategy, instilling trust among current and potential stakeholders alike.

Special Access

Oddup Ventures will provide accredited investors with access to a comprehensive array of on-thesis deals, spanning a diverse spectrum from small-scale investments to oversubscribed opportunities, as well as discreet, stealth deals that cannot be publicly shared online.

You only Pay if your
Entire Fund is Profitable

Payment is contingent upon the overall profitability of the entire fund. This arrangement underscores the commitment to aligning interests between investors and fund managers, ensuring that compensation is directly tied to the fund's success. By linking payment to profitability, there's a shared incentive to maximize returns and manage risk prudently, fostering a collaborative approach towards achieving investment objectives. This structure not only incentivizes performance but also reinforces accountability and transparency within the fund management framework, ultimately benefiting all parties involved.

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1. Please note that Oddup Ventures and all investment opportunities mentioned herein are exclusively available solely to accredited investors that meet the standard set by the SEC. The SEC website contains the full definition of an Accredited Investor under U.S. law. Non-US investors may also be subject to Accredited Investor laws in their local jurisdictions.

2. In compliance with data privacy protection laws, Oddup guarantees the confidentiality and privacy of all personal data that they process. You can access Oddup's privacy policy for more information, or get in touch with Oddup's Data Protection Officer at legal@oddup.com.