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Oddup score evaluates social, PR, and funding, among other data points to assign health scores to each startup in our database. Combined with our dashboard, this gives you insight into the current health, past growth and potential feature of the startup all in one place.

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Investing in a company means not only understanding their business but also the sector they are in. Oddup's sector insight platform allows you to research 15+ sectors spread across 30+ locations and 300,000 startups.

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Sector insights gives the current growth trajectory of the market as a whole while our startup research platform gives you access to the funding, growth and social signals of the startup accumulated into a nifty score that you can use to gauge the health of the company.

Track startups and industries

Find the startups that interest you and make a list to track changes in the market these startups are part of including significant changes within these companies that you can use to make informed decisions.

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Invest in Healthy Startups