We just released the version 1.4 of the Oddup platform

Oddup 1.4

We just released the version 1.4 of the Oddup platform.

The new feature update will allow users to save companies, investors or cryptocurrencies to their own list and visit them from there, rather than searching for the companies they want to track from the dashboard.

In addition to this we also improved the screen resolution so as to better work with larger screens that some of our customers prefer.

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Instant grocery delivery startup JOKR

COVID-19 and the subsequent shutdown forced many businesses to close their retail stores, resulting in the emergence of a number of online grocery app developers to provide enhanced services to their consumers.

JOKR is one of the promising newcomers to the rapid grocery delivery market in the last few years.

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API-first global tax automation service: Fonoa

As the online commerce continues to grow with the passage of time, enterprises and high-volume online merchants are becoming increasingly common. But managing taxes is a problem shared by both offline and online enterprises of all sizes both due to complex tax laws and a general lack of tax education.

This is where Fonoa steps in and assists marketplaces, digital service providers, micro-mobility operators, gig economy platforms, and subscription-based companies in managing their compliance, transforming a costly and labor-intensive process into an automated and seamless one.

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