Corporate Debt Marketplace: Credavenue & Oddup 1.5

Oddup 1.5

Investors and sales teams around the world can now use the Oddup platform for more than just finding and researching highly potential startups with a number of new updates and exciting features.

Read on to find out the latest updates for this month by Oddup.

Oddup Reports:-

  • Create a report through companies listing page with filters and sorting applied.
  • A new “Reports” section is introduced which has a monthly and my reports section.
  • Monthly reports are provided by Oddup itself for the current month.
  • My reports will contain the reports generated by the user.
  • Users can download reports from both sections, but the user-generated report has validity after which he has easily refreshed his report if he still has the same plan for which the report was downloaded initially.


  • Users will be able to see a live notification if a user is browsing the app while the notification is sent.
  • Users will be able to see all past notifications through the bell icon in the header.
  • Notifications will be sent via emails also so that if the user is not browsing the app at that time, he may be notified.

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CREDAVENUE: Corporate Debt Marketplace

Growth in lending to medium enterprises as well has increased. From 64.7 per cent in May and 63.2 per cent in June, the YoY growth in July jumped to 70.9 per cent

The challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic have unmasked the shortcomings and evident failures within the debt financing ecosystem. Specifically, in the case of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), the situation remained dire as they were starved of capital and forced to shut down.

The obvious demand for a better solution to simplify the process of raising debts for SMEs has given rise to companies like CredAvenue, a technology-centric platform that prioritizes building a connection between lenders and borrowers.

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Wildtype Sets Course to Bring Cultivated Seafood to Market

As meat production becomes more devastating for the environment, scientists are looking for an alternative that can significantly decrease the harmful impact. As time goes by, people are getting more conscious about what they eat and where it comes from.

Lab-grown and cell-based meat is not a new concept. Wildtype is a San Francisco startup developing cellular agriculture technology to grow cultivated seafood.

Launched with a mission to help transform the food system by offering consumers the most sustainable seafood on earth, Wildtype’s salmon is free of mercury, microplastics, antibiotics, and other common contaminants.

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Account-based marketing (ABM):

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