$600 billion + in startup funding and a glance at the year 2021


Even as the world is prepared to leave 2020 behind them along with the new variant concern at the end of this year, 2021 has genuinely marked a record-breaking position for the world market landscape and startup environment. From health and wellness technology, e-commerce to blockchain and the SaaS industry, the boom of potential startups was on the rise throughout the year.

Here in Oddup, we monitor entrepreneurship and funding activities in prominent startup hotspots and locations throughout the world while backing them up with data-driven analyses of significant trends in a range of industries.

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The year 2021 was certainly the 'year of cryptocurrency,' with momentous headlines and record-breaking funding in the cryptocurrency sector all around the world.

In many respects, 2021 was a major turning point for the cryptocurrency industry, as well as the blockchain and Web 3.0 ecosystems. In 2021, Web 3.0 inventors – who are creating decentralized apps backed by blockchain – saw unprecedented interest from both investors and customers alike.
As we’ve neared the end of 2021, here's a rundown of all the major events that aided crypto's ascension into the masses.

  • Multiple countries and companies started accepting crypto
  • NFT crossed $27 billion in sales
  • El Salvador: First nation to recognize Bitcoin as legal currency
  • Central banks started moving towards creating their own crypto

$621 billion in Startup funding

2021 has been a record-breaking year for startups, with industries like space technology, healthcare tech, and crypto and more becoming more prominent. Startups in more fledgling areas, such as nuclear fusion, alternative proteins, and fintech tools for the creative economy, have also made significant profits.

Below are the top 3 startup sectors that have received one of the largest amounts of funding from investors worldwide.

  • Crypto startups
  • Space tech startups
  • Nuclear fusion startups

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